What is the best GSM for towels?

Acknowledge Consumer with Right information.
Often businesses in textile industry will promote their products according to their GSM(gram per square meter). Consumer believes that the higher GSM means better quality.Gram per square meter may matter in other textiles such as bed linens and clothing, but we believe not for towels. Consumers should have a glance at other facts such as know-how, durability, price and quality balance and of course sustainability.

Traditional bath and hammam ritual in Turkey

Sneak peak inside a traditional Turkish bath house
Traditional Turkish bath, hammam, could be thought as a total sensual experience of steam bath, massage, and detoxification. It is based on skin care practices to get relaxation. In today’s world – with more stressful business life, and awareness of body health – people is getting more interested in hammam and spa activities.

The truth about Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton

A Cotton boll. Understanding evolution of cotton up to date.
If we truly want to answer this question we must understand how these two countries were introduced cotton and mastered it.It is known that cotton textile manufacturing, exporting and trading in domestic market were the milestones of Ottoman economy from 1600 and the craftsman in the Empire fulfilled the need of cotton textiles for the whole population, estimated to be around twenty million people.Egypt is also associated with manufacturing and exporting of their high quality cotton since 1800 especially.

In your bathroom - Turkish towels vs Fluffy towels

Koza Valenti Mustard Turkish Towel for bathroom.
Imagine you woke up in the morning and going for a warm morning shower to start your day. You grabbed your fluffy towel that you used one day ago and it stinks. It’s even a bit soggy from previous shower. You hate it. Yak. It does not feel right, clean and hygienic. Change your whole experience with Koza.