Koza Erinia Bath Towels



Our aim is to show you that there is a better, more hygienic, way to dry off yourself and your family after a warm shower at home.

Why You Should Buy Hammam Towels Online from Koza

The average size of fluffy bath towels are 70cm x 132 cm. Our bath towels’ standard size are 100cm x 180cm, still larger than bath sheets. Extra-large bath towels not only gives you the dry area to easily dry your hair and body but also the comfort to easily wrap yourself in an unsurpassed cotton softness.

Quick Drying

With Koza, you are never left with
soggy towels lying around.

Koza towels Fluffy towels 2h-3h 8h-9h hours

Towels host fewer bacterias when they dry faster.

Fluffy towels are extra-thick and the fabric cannot breathe therefore they keep all the moisture. The know-how and the weaving techniques make our bath towels to breath therefore make them to dry 3-4 times faster than fluffy towels without requiring usage of heated drying racks.

Turkish Cotton Towels with Long-Lasting Softness

Having soft bath towels for a long period is a difficult one. But our products stay soft after many washings compared to fluffy towels that tend to get stiff and scratchy.

Cotton and Water


Cotton plays very important role in our world, acting as a skin for billions of people.We love it and respect it. But cotton requires water to grow more than you can imagine. Harvesting 1kg cotton needs around 20.000 litres of water according to World Wildlife Fund.

Our Turkish towels for bath on average uses 200-300 grams less cotton than fluffy towels.

Simply do more with less. Save water and make positive impact on planet by using eco-friendy towels.